One-Netbook T1 : Experience the Unprecedented Power

The Best Tablet to Buy in 2022

Making the Impossibles

First Tablet Computer Powered by Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake 1260P and DDR5 Memory that unlock many possibilities

A 3-in-1 Tablet

When Processing Power X Portability X Creativity Canvas Are Blended in One Device

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Pay 70% Price Only for The Top-notched Configuration

Crowdfunding Launched on 9th June

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Experience the Unprecedented Power

The best laptops to buy in 2022

First Tablet Computer Powered by Intel's 12th Gen Alder Lake 1260P and DDR5 Memory that unlock many possibilities

· INTEL(R) CORE™ PROCESSOR 12th Alderlake-P features 12 cores (4P + 8E) and 16 threads
  • · 16GB Dual channel 5,200Mhz 315Balls LPDDR5
  • · Supports the most popular and graphically demanding AAA games including Elder Ring, Forza Horizon 5 etc.
  • · Handles most complicated software such as AutoCAD and Lightroom with ease

When Processing Power X Portability X Creativity Canvas Are Blended in One Device

· Lighter than 2.2 lbs
  • · Unleash your creativity on a 12.8" x 7.8" blank canvas to help realize and track your inspiration
  • · Write or draw with the stylus pen of 4,096 Pressure Points like a real and smooth pen

Delivers Unprecedented Clarity and Brightness

· The 13.0” IPS eDP Panel features 2160x1440 resolution, the highest in the market
  • · Brightness: 500CD/m²
  • · Response Time: 25ms(30ms max) 100% sRGB

A Device Engineered for Maximal Portability and Ultimate Convenience

· Smooth kickstand hinge is installed to allow the user to position the tablet screen from any angle
  • · An extended 9 hours of battery life is guaranteed by the 12,000mAh battery
  • · One-Netbook T1 features a 65W GaN charger that shortens charging time to 2.5 hours

Sleek and Sturdy Build

· Constructed out of aluminum-magnesium alloy, One-Netbook T1 is resistant to drops up to 5 feet height
  • · The thin display bezels make the most out of the screen
  • · Perfect for carrying around in the backpack as your workstation, gaming laptop or mobile canvas
  • · The central hinge can tilt to a maximum of 160 °, which enables our users to find the most comfortable angle whether inputting by touch panel, keyboard or stylus
  • · Ergonomic keyboard design with deeper key travel and appropriate key layout


The One-Netbook T1 is the first model of the intel 12th generation CPU, with powerful performance for an excellent user experience
  • Processor
  • INTEL® CORE™ PROCESSOR 12th i7-1260P
  • Core Frequency
  • (4P + 8E) cores and 16 threads, Turbo Max 4.7GHz, 3 level cache 18Mb
  • Graphics
  • INTEL®️ Iris®️ Xe Graphics 96EU
  • Memory
  • Dual channel 5200Mhz 315Balls LPDDR5
  • Screen
  • 2160x1440, 13.0” IPS eDP Panel
  • Peripheral I/O
  • USB Type C / USB 3.2 / Audio Port / HDMI / TF card
  • Network
  • WIFI 6 / Bluetooth 5.0
  • Storage
  • SSD, M.2 2280
One-Netbook T1 is estimated to launch its campaign on 9th June 2022. We are already in the process of producing base units. The orders will be fulfilled and shipped right after the end of the campaign.

Internal User: Reviews


The Best deal for the specs!

Chuck Bancroft

Love the sleek design of One-Netbook T1 and its original keyboard! Setting up was easy if you followed the voice instruction step by step. The videos and my CAD2020 run smoothly, and the heat dissipation is great. Normally I don’t hear sounds when running the softwares. I haven’t tried the games yet, but it is in line with my office needs. Very cost effective with great performance, totally worth buying!

Perfect for what I need

Marshall Bleau

I was looking for a mobile device for 3D modeling at the construction site and this came in place with the features and specs I wanted. The touchscreen was responsive with no lag at all. The size and weight of One-Netbook T1 are perfect for portability. I do a little gaming on the side as well and it surprised me with the decent display and FPS. Everything it does with ease. It’s also great fun to use it as a tablet at leisure!

Overall a nice and solid unit

Heather Ross

One-Netbook T1 has been my primary device. I am a rather picky person but I am quite satisfied with it overall. I don't play games, just watch videos and do content creation or editing. The screen clarity, speed and battery are great. I take it with me as a light entertainment unit when I travel instead of bringing my laptop. So far it does everything I need. What else to ask for the two-in-one configuration tablet at this price point?

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Founded 12 years ago, One-Netbook team has extensive design and engineering experience building portable PCs and game consoles. We hold strongly two beliefs: technology advancement and best-in-class quality.
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